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29/03/2015 · Sony FS7 Cine EI Test. from Ged Yeates PRO. 4 years ago. A very quick shooting test using the Cine EI mode on the FS7, literally filmed in 15 minutes before the rain came on. I set Zebra 2 to 60% exposure Zebra 1 is. Sony FS7 Cine EI - REC 709 Premiere cc 2015 workflow. I've followed Alistair Chapman's tutorials Cine EI Rec709/800 Cine Gamut with SLOG 3 and now have the flat footage I need. All good so far. I love a good firmware update. Sony have just released a small firmware update for their FS7 and FS7 II FS7MK2 cameras. This is not a big update, but it is an incredibly useful Firmware Upgrade for CINE-EI on your FS7 or FS7mk2. 28/08/2017 · After more than two months of shooting test footage and researching this camera, we have finally settled on CINE EI SLOG 3 as being are primary setting in which to shoot. The other top contenders were CINE EI SLOG 2, CUSTOM MODE HG8 and HG7. Like all cameras, the FS7.

In this guide I hope to help you get the very best from the Cine EI mode on Sony’s PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 cameras. The cameras have two very distinct shooting mode, Cine EI and Custom Mode. In custom mode the camera behaves much like any other traditional video camera where what you see in the viewfinder is what’s recorded on the cards. 04/12/2015 · At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can, creating unique new cultures and experiences. 26/02/2016 · By downloading the above files, you agree to our terms and conditions. I think most people would agree that shooting with the camera’s CINE EI mode and recording the unadulterated S-LOG signal usually provides the very best results. The votes were tallied from comments made at the Sony FS7 Community Forum, the. Sony FS7 Official Tutorial Video 7: Cine EI and Exposure Index. A few things of note here: In CineEI mode the FS7 always recorders in its native ISO 2000 – resembling a film camera, which enables it to capture its maximum dynamic range of 14 stops.

These are in my opinion, the best Sony FS7 Scene File settings for broadcast and ENG shooting. They offer a Broadcast ready look and ability to go straight to air from the camera. Great FS7 Scene File settings for News shooting, documentary and Lifestyle. 15/06/2015 · I can’t stand the traditional “Sony look.” Hypergammas and Sony’s Custom-mode Rec 709 color matrices just don’t do it for me. When Cine-EI mode became an option in the FS7/F5/F55 cameras I was pleasantly surprised, and when they released the LC709 Type A LUT I was ecstatic. A quick and dirty test to determine the effects of noise reduction and 2k center-scan on noise performance of the camera, using S-Log3, under Firmware 3.0. 04/07/2018 · Starting with the smallest of updates first. Firmware update V4.30 for the Sony FS7 is now available, adding just one small feature – selective ISO in Cine EI. Yes, just one feature, but it’s fairly substantial move; many will have gotten used to exposing their FS7 in-camera with a single ISO. 09/04/2017 · S-Gamut3.cine S-Gamut3.cine colorpaceS-Log3 gamma. The S-log2 and S-log3 gamma curves both capture the same dynamic range – 14 stops, there is no difference in the dynamic range captured. In terms of the range of colors that can be recorded S-Gamut and S-Gamut3 are the same size and the largest recording colorspaces the cameras have.

  1. 28/12/2018 · I was looking for a video like this and I couldn't find a simple one, so I made it in hopes to help others. Camera: Sony FS7 - Cine EI - Slog3 Sgamut3 Monitor/ Recorder: Atomos Ninja Flame - Recorded to DNxHD Lens: Rokinon Cine 50 Dual Recorded to match shots exactly. All shot in 4K UHD.
  2. 07/08/2017 · The Sony PXW-FS7 and FS7 II cine cameras can be quite confusing devices, especially when it comes to shooting modes. That’s why Alister Chapman of xdcam- has written up an official and complete FS7 guide for these cameras free to download.

06/01/2016 · This noise etc in Slog3 thing has been going on for a while on the Sony forums. its just people not understanding the curve.and grade process. actually its very good and very easy to grade. as the.cine primaries line up also exactly with rec 709/Cineon/Log c There is such a thing as native ISO. but in Cine EI you can change the EI. Sony FS7 Firmware v4.30 FS7 II firmware v1.20 Details: Add a function that can change ISO sensitivity in CineEI mode; So, what does this mean? Prior to firmware v4.30 or v1.20 for the FS7 II FS7 shooters had no choice but to record at ISO 2000 when in Cine EI mode; this was done so the full dynamic range of the camera is always available in. Richard is a freelance cameraman with over 17 years experience, working in broadcast and corporate video production. He owns HD cameras, such as the Sony FS7, and is available for hire as a Lighting cameraman or Director of Photography in London and across the UK. 29/06/2018 · Sony have just released a firmware update for the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7 II cameras. This is a minor update with only one new feature being added which is the ability to alter the recorded ISO when shooting in the Cine-EI mode. The PXW-FS7 reflects years of intense conversations we’ve had with documentary shooters. In response, we completely redesigned the grip, improved the viewfinder, optimised the balance and refined the ergonomics. Of course, the FS7 also reflects Sony’s expertise in 4K and HD codecs, Super 35 sensors and memory recording.

Thanks for contacting us. We will get in touch with you soon! Close this window. Sony PXW-FS7. Sony's FS7 builds on the 4K performance of its predecessor, the FS700, considered by many as the standard for remote hand grips. The XDCA-FS7 extends the functionality with 12-bit linear RAW output in high frame rates and the Cinema EI modes found on its bigger brother, the Sony F5. Article by Dan Mears - Guide to the ins and out on codecs, gamma and gamuts for the Sony FS7. Over the last few months I have offered advice on Codecs, Gammas and Gamuts for various productions so thought I'd put my personal preferences and findings down on paper for all to make use of!

View and Download Sony PXW-FS7 operating instructions manual online. Attaching the Battery Pack Insert the battery pack into the battery pack attachment on the XDCA-FS7. The following Sony genuine battery packs are supported. • Auto white balance cannot be performed in Cine EI mode. Sony ha finalmente pubblicato la loro attesissima versione 3.0 del firmware per la FS7, era previsto per il mese di dicembre, ma è stato ritardato a causa della scoperta di problemi con la qualità del frame rate elevato in RAW. La caratteristica più significative di questo aggiornamento è l’aggiunta della modalità di scansione al centro. 11/11/2015 · A new Sony FS7 firmware update will give the camera movable focus magnification, a Super16 center crop mode, noise suppression in Cine EI.

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